Bose Systems

Here are some reasons you might consider repairing your OEM (original equipment manufacturing) unit:

1.New factory units can cost between $600 to $3000. Built with higher quality standards, OEM units are designed to support more demanding specifications than typical aftermarket units.

2. Many cars depend on the radio unit for dashboard wheel audio system controls, and more. Without

the original OEM unit, these functions may not be operable.

3.Factory OEM radios match the design of the interior of your vehicle.

4.Factory OEM units have large buttons and knobs that are friendlier to use.

5.Resale on non original units will decrease the value of your vehicle.

6.Unlike aftermarket units (which can be installed in any vehicle) factory OEM radios are less likely to be stolen, since they only work for the vehicle it was designed for.

The owners of Bose systems will need to consider the following:

1.All Bose systems for the last 13 years have external amplifiers integrated into the OEM head unit with every element custom-engineered to work together as a whole.

2.It is not possible to match an aftermarket radio to a Bose speaker amplifier correctly.

3.If you install a new radio, you will lose the Bose circuitry and their special signal processing algorithms.

4.Aftermarket units will not work with Bose systems efficiently. If you choose to purchase aftermarket units, it will be completely necessary to purchase a new head unit and speakers, and rewire the entire vehicle.

As you can see, we are in the business of repairing car audio units, but in some cases the last resort may be to select an aftermarket unit. If this is the case, be aware of the following:

1.Today, the majority of the OEM factory units are designed double din (the size of the complete unit). Aftermarket units are typically single din. If you purchase a single din aftermarket unit, you will need a dash kit to compensate for the empty space which is usually $15 to $30 additional to the unit.

2.With any aftermarket purchase you will also need to purchase a wire-harness or plug adaptor to be connected into your vehicle for about $15 to $25.

3.At most retailers, an additional $50 to $90 charge will be required for installation of the new unit.

4.Aftermarket units have smaller buttons which are not as user friendly.

5.On some occasions, aftermarket units will pick up engine electrical interference since they are not designed specifically for your car.

In order to provide the best possible service, a free estimate will be given after the unit is received and fully examined. Once the problem is identified, we will contact you within 2 days with an estimate.