Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any further concerns not mentioned
here please contact us.

1. What is your warranty policy?
We offer a one year warranty on parts & labor.

2. What is your turn around time on repairs?
95% of all car stereos are repaired with in 48 hours. Vehicle Navigation systems are typically 4-8 business days. In the case of not having a part in stock or the part being
on back order these times can exceed general turn around times.

3. Do you sell car stereo parts?
No, sorry we are not a parts supplier.

4. My car stereo will not turn on, what should be my first step?
The first thing you should check is all your fuses. If that does not solve your problem you can have our facility check your car stereo.

5. Why will my factory unit not accept anti-theft code?
This is most common with Acura and Mercedes. In most cases there is a shortage or burned/bad component(s). Our facility can have your radio evaluated for a free estimate.

6. Why should I choose to repair my radio?
Please click here for a more detailed explanation.