Nissan Sentra Audio Repair
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In order to provide the best possible service, a free
estimate on a repair will be given after the unit is received and fully examined. Once the problem is identified, we will contact you within 2 days with an estimate. If you have further questions about your unit please give us a call.
Part Number
Model Number
  2007 L32H AM/FM/CD Panasonic 28185-ET000RX CQ-JN3560X
  2007 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ET003RX PN-2670M A
  2007 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ET002RX PN-2669M B
  2007 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ET001RX PN-2669M A
CY10B 2005-2006 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ZG10BRX PN-2591M I
CY28A 2005 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-6Z965RX PN-2591M E
CY09B 2005-2006 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ZG20ARX PN-2591M E
CY27A 2005 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-6Z765RX PN-2591M D
CY08B 2005-2006 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-ZG10ARX PN-2591M J
CY26A 2005 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-6Z670RX PN-2591M G
CY29A 2005 AM/FM/CD W/ Sat Controls Clarion 28185-6Z665RX PN-2591M F
  2005 In-Dash 6 CD Clarion 28184-6Z2538MA PN-2538M A
  2004 AM/FM/CD 9 Speakers Clarion 28185-6Z960RX PN-2591M V
  2004 AM/FM/CD 7 Speakers Clarion 28185-6Z760RX PN-2591M A
  2004 AM/FM/CD 4 Speakers Clarion 28185-6Z660RX PN-2591M C
CY570 2003 AM/FM/CD Pre Out Black Clarion 28185-6Z460RX PN-2445M O
CY560 2003 AM/FM/CD 7 Speakers Black Clarion 281856Z260RX PN-2445M I
CY550 2003 AM/FM/CD 7 Speakers Gray Clarion 281856Z204RX PN-2445M K
CY540 2003 AM/FM/CD 7 Speakers Brown Clarion 281856Z200RX PN-2445M J
CY530 2003 AM/FM/CD 4 Speakers Gray Clarion 281854Z904RX PN-2445M N
CY520 2003 AM/FM/CD 4 Speakers Brown Clarion 281854Z900RX PN-2445M M
CY320 2002 AM/FM/CD Fosgate System Clarion 28185-4Z700RX PN-2445M G
CY120 2002 AM/FM/CD Fosgate System Clarion 281854Z600RX PN-2165M M
CY468 2002 AM/FM/CD Gray Clarion 28185-4Z580RX PN-2165M Q
CY458 2002 AM/FM/CD Brown Clarion 28185-4Z570RX PN-2165M P
CY448 2002 AM/FM/CD Black Clarion 28185-4Z560RX PN-2165M N
CY310 2002 AM/FM/CD Gray Clarion 28185-4Z520RX PN-2445M C
CY300 2002 AM/FM/CD Brown Clarion 28185-4Z510RX PN-2445M B
CY290 2002 AM/FM/CD Black Clarion 28185-4Z500RX PN-2445M A
CY280 2002 AM/FM/CD Gray Clarion 28185-4Z420RX PN-2445M F
CY260 2002 AM/FM/CD Black Clarion 28185-4Z400RX PN-2445M D
CY358 2001 AM/FM/CD Gray Clarion 28185-4Z320RX PN-2165M I
CY348 2001 AM/FM/CD Brown Clarion 28185-4Z310RX PN-2165M H
CY338 2001 AM/FM/CD Black Clarion 28185-4Z300RX PN-2165M G
CY068 2000 AM/FM/CD Gray Escutcheon Clarion 28185-5M020RX PN-2165M C
CY038 2000 AM/FM/CD Brown Escutcheon Clarion 28185-5M010RX PN-2165M B
CY018 2000 AM/FM/CD Black Escutcheon Clarion 28185-5M000RX PN-2165M A
CY516 1999 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-9E000RX PN-2218I A
CH586 2000 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28111-5M020RX PN-1632M C
CH596 2000 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28111-5M010RX PN-1632M B
CH566 2000 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28111-5M000RX PN-1632M A
CH526 1989-1999 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28111-9E000RX PN-9961A
  1999 AM/FM Cassette CD Clarion 28188-8Z00RX PN-2273M A

Repair problems include: Err 1, Err 2, ER-1, ER-2, FO error & errors CD skips, grinding noise, clicking noise, will not play, will not eject, will not accept CD, intermittent issues, erratic volume control, CD INOP, changer not operational, no display, dim display, no output, no power, battery drain, one channel out while playing CDs, Bose head units, no audio, tape & cassette INOP, poor reception, no AM and or FM, AUX, and more.