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We service and repair Navigation Systems from all makes and models. Common issues are the following:

- No display
- Partial display out
- Broken display
- No power
- Will not power up
- Navigation Freezes
- Will not accept disc
- Disc error
- Error message
- Does not link with satellite
- Insert disc when disc is in unit
- Incorrect disc message when correct disc is inserted
- Volume drops or increase
- Broken joystick knob


Clarion Audio System Repair
Clarion Authorized Service Center


Err 1, Err 2, ER-1, ER-2,FO error & errors CD skips, grinding noise, clicking noise, will not
play, will not eject, will not accept CD, intermittent issues, erratic volume control, CD INOP, changer not operational, no display, dim display, no output, no power, battery drain, one channel out while playing CDs, Bose head units, no audio, tape & cassette INOP, poor reception, no AM and or FM, AUX, and more.

In order to provide the best possible service, a free estimate on audio unit repair will be
given after the unit is received and fully examined. Once the problem is identified, we will contact you within 2 days with an estimate. If you have further questions about your unit please give us a call.