Nissan Pathfinder Audio Repair
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In order to provide the best possible service, a free
estimate on a repair will be given after the unit is received and fully examined. Once the problem is identified, we will contact you within 2 days with an estimate. If you have further questions about your unit please give us a call.
Part Number
Model Number
  2007 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Panasonic 28185-ZP80ARX CQ-EN5660X
  2007 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Panasonic 28185-ZP85ARX CQ-EN5661X
  2007 AM/FM In-Dash 6 w/ Navi Panasonic 28186-ZP86ARX CQ-EN5662X
  2006 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Panasonic 28185-ZP40ARX CQ-EN5560X
  2006 AM/FM In-Dash 6 w/ Navi Panasonic 28185-ZP45ARX CQ-EN5562X
CY14B 2005 AM/FM/CD Clarion 28185-EA021RX PP-2449V H
  2005-2006 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Panasonic 28185-EA420RX CQ-EN7461
  2005 AM/FM In-Dash 6 w/ Navi Panasonic 28185-EA600RX CQ-EN7462
CR200 2003 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Clarion 28188-5W910RX PN-2543N A
CY090 2003 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28115-5W900RX PN-1741N A
CR190 2003 AM/FM Cassette In-Dash 6 Clarion 28188-5W900RX PN-2543N B
CK030 2002 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28115-5W500RX PN-1728N A
  2002 AM/FM In-Dash 6 Clarion 28188-5W500RX PN-2439N A
CK108 2001 AM/FM Cassette w/ Navi Clarion 28115-3H010RX PN-1665K B
  2001 In-Dash 6 Slave Clarion 28184-3W400RX PN-2302N
CK078 2001 AM/FM Cassette w/o Navi Clarion 28115-3H000RX PN-1665K A
CN040 2001 AM/FM Clarion 28188-3W410RX PN-2356N A
CNA18 2000 AM/FM Cassette CD Bose Clarion 28188-7J200RX PN-2261F
  2000 AM/FM No Clock Clarion 28188-3W400RX PN-2273N B
CN435 1997-1998 AM/FM Cassette CD Bose Clarion 28188-1W300RX PN-2121N A
CH536 1997-1998 AM/FM Cassette Clarion 28111-1W200RX PN-9996N A

Repair problems include: Err 1, Err 2, ER-1, ER-2, FO error & errors CD skips, grinding noise, clicking noise, will not play, will not eject, will not accept CD, intermittent issues, erratic volume control, CD INOP, changer not operational, no display, dim display, no output, no power, battery drain, one channel out while playing CDs, Bose head units, no audio, tape & cassette INOP, poor reception, no AM and or FM, AUX, and more.