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Acura Navigation Repair
Acura navigation systems are made by Panasonic,
Matsushita, Bose, and Alpine. Our certified electronic
technicians are qualified to perform Acura audio repair,
Acura stereo repair. Please contact us for a free
estimate on your navigation repair.

Common Problems for Acura Navigation Systems
- Acura navigation blank screen
- Acura navigation disc error
- Acura navigation does not read disc dvd
- Acura navigation unable to acquire GPS signal
- Acura navigation touch panel / screen no function
- Acura navigation freezes up / intermittently
- Acura navigation door is open error
- Acura navigation screen broken
- Acura navigation scratches disc
- Acura navigation unable to eject

Car Navigation Repair
Virtually all car makes today offer factory-installed, in-dash navigation systems in at least some of their models if not all.

Car Navigation Basics
Car navigation capabilities depend on a global positioning system, known as GPS, which uses a network of satellites with radio transmitters. For a car navigation system to work, there have to be at least three GPS satellites near enough for it to pick up a signal for triangulation. Once the car’s navigation calculates it position, it can use a map program to find its way to a new location.

Because a car is never located exactly the same distance from each satellite, its navigation gets signals from nearer ones slightly before more distant ones. By measuring the slight delay, the GPS receiver can tell how much further it is from one satellite than it is from another, and since the transmission includes information about where each satellite is, the receiver can calculate its total distance from each satellite. It then uses this information to calculate exactly where it is located.

Here at Short Circuit we understand how sophisticated Acura navigation repair can be. We ensure all Acura audio repair, Acura stereo repair & Acura navigation repair with a one year warranty.

Model/Year Navigation Part Number Screen Part Number
2004 04 TL 39540-SEP-A420-M1
2005 05 TL 39540-SEP-A420-M1
2006 06 TL 39540-SEP-A420-M1
2007 07 TL 39540-SEP-A420-M1
2008 08 TL 39540-SEP-A420-M1
2009 09 TL 39540-TL2-A020-M1
2010 10 TL 39540-TL2-A020-M1
2011 11 TL
2012 12 TL
2003 03 MDX 39540-S3V-A510-M1
2004 04 MDX 39540-S3V-A520-M1
2005 05 MDX 39540-S3V-A610-M1
2006 06 MDX 39540-S3V-A610-M1
2007 07 MDX 39540-STX-A410-M1
2008 08 MDX 39540-STX-A420-M1
2009 09 MDX 39540-STX-A430-M1
2010 10 MDX
2011 11 MDX
2012 12 MDX
2004 04 TSX 39540-SEC-A020-M1
2005 05 TSX 39540-SEC-A020-M1
2006 06 TSX 39540-SEC-A030-M1
2007 07 TSX 39540-SEC-A030-M1
2008 08 TSX 39540-SEC-A040-M1
2009 09 TSX 39540-TL2-A010-M1
2010 10 TSX 39540-TL2-A020-M1
2011 11 TSX
2012 12 TSX
2005 05 RL 39540-SJA-A010-M1
2006 06 RL 39540-SJA-A310-M1
2007 07 RL 39540-SJA-A810-M1
2008 08 RL 39540-SJA-A810-M1
2009 09 RL 39540-SJA-A810-M1
2010 10 RL 39540-SJA-A620-M1
2011 11 RL
2012 12 RL
2007 07 RDX 39540-STK-A010-M1
2008 08 RDX 39540-STK-A010-M1
2009 09 RDX 39540-STK-A010-M1
2010 10 RDX
2011 11 RDX
2012 12 RDX